Lance Stroll will be starting Sunday's Canadian Grand Prix race behind almost every other racer in the grid.

He will begin the race in 18th position, and this year is 16th in the overall rankings with just 4 points.

Stroll is known for strong starts but has failed to reach the first knockout round of qualifications for 11 races in a row.

"I need to keep working on my weaknesses and build on my strengths at the same time," said Stroll.

After several years as a Formula One racer Stroll is now with a new team and a new boss: his father, Lawrence Stroll is the head of Racing Point, the only Canadian-owned team in F1.

"Having your dad as your boss could be a good thing, but also be a bad thing. Lawrence Stroll is a businessman, business is important obviously," said TSN racing analyst Tim Hauraney.

Starting at the back of the pack means Stroll is the underdog, even though he's racing in his hometown of Montreal.

"If he could finish 9th or 10th I would say that's success. Any higher than that is icing on the cake," said Hauraney

Stroll earned his first career points in Montreal in 2017, but after a poor qualifying session it'll be a tight race to try and get into the top 10.

Sunday's race is scheduled to start at 2:10 p.m. at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

With notes from Kelly Greig