Sylvia Lauzon says she was able to grab her dog Shyana before flames took over her apartment.

An Ottawa woman says she lost everything after her Hintonburg apartment went up in flames Thursday.

"I lost everything," said Sophie Lauzon.

"Except Shyana and Davin and I's picture."

Lauzon says it's all she had time to grab after she discovered her apartment at Hintonburg Place was on fire.

"I could hear the fire alarm coming off the elevator," said Lauzon.

"I opened the door and my bed was on fire, I could see the flames like 5, 6 feet already at that point."

Lauzon grabbed her dog and a photo of her and her son off her fireplace mantle, before heading back inside. 

"I think the whole bedroom exploded," said Lauzon.

"I was just screaming and freaking out."

Lauzon said she was not home at the time that the fire broke out, but a friend had been staying there.

"I had to go back in to get him out of unit and try to save my cat," said Lauzon.

"Too much heat, too much smoke, I never would have been able to find him."

Despite Ottawa Firefighters' attempts at CPR, her cat didn't make it.

"I just close my eyes and everything comes back," said Lauzon.

"I just see my dead cat."

The investigation is ongoing and it's still unclear what caused the fire.

"I'm just trying to make it minute-by-minute here," said Lauzon.

"I do want answers."