People who live on Joly St. in Ile Bizard say the borough is preventing them from protecting their homes.

The kilometre-long street runs perpendicular to the back river. About halfway along, a stream runs underneath the road, but with elevated water levels the street is covered in water, more than one metre deep in some places.

Volunteers showed up with thousands of sandbags on Thursday with a plan to build a dike, in conjunction with soldiers, and then pump out the water.

Someone on the street called the city, though, and officials arrived, ordering them to stop.

“What are they doing? They're not helping. They might even jeopardize our protection,” said Mayor Normand Marinacci. “We cannot improvise a dike. there's some analysis that we have to make.”

They said that the location for the dike was not suitable because it would end up pushing water into other homes on the street.

“If you put a dike and you start to pump out the water outside, it might jeopardize the protection of the houses, because the water is coming from a pond in the back of the houses,” said Marinacci.

The volunteers met with Marinacci on Friday to see if they could convince him to allow their dike and pumping plan.


Ste. Anne de Bellevue warns of flooding

On the other side of the West Island, Ste. Anne de Bellevue is warning of an elevated risk of flooding along the shores of Lake St. Louis and the Lake of Two Mountains.

Residents and store owners south of Senneville Rd. near Godin Park, Ste. Anne St., and at the tip of Maple St. are being ordered to take all steps necessary to protect their buildings.