One of the major groups in the student protests of 2012 is shutting down.

The Association for Student Union Solidarity, better known as ASSÉ, was an umbrella group of other student organizations from across Quebec.

This past weekend at a meeting in Quebec City the association decided to shut down as of May 31. The plan is to create a new structure that will somehow be different, although no specifics were set forth.

Mireille Allard, secretary of finance and co-spokesperson for ASSÉ, said that there was a mandate to "make links with different groups that take part in the current social struggles."

The problems that led to the dissolution of the association came to light during a round of student protests in 2015, with many people criticizing the lack of transparency among student groups and disagreement about appropriate goals for student organizations.

In 2012 the lead spokesperson for ASSÉ was Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, who is now the house leader for Quebec Solidaire.

With a file from the Canadian Press