For Austin's 6th birthday party, he was able to invite any friend he wanted, so naturally, he walked to his local police department with an invite.

"We've always been telling them that police officers are our friends," said Christine Waters, Austin's mother. "He's grown up with this strong belief that every single police officer that drives by him is genuinely his best friend."

She said they weren't sure if any would be able to attend the party and were elated when they received a call Sunday morning telling them a few officers would be dropping by.

As promised, six Mission RCMP officers arrived on the day of the birthday party.

"He was beyond ecstatic," Waters said.

Austin received a present and card from the officers but the most exciting part was being able to spend time with the Mounties.

"[Austin and his friends] got to try out the speaker and sirens, and [police] let them all sit in the back of the car and pretend they're bad guys," the mother said.

She said Austin's grandparents are police officers in Vernon and he's always wanted to become one when he's older.

"Now he knows to give everything a shot and he believes truly that these police officers are here for him…and even my daughter said, 'I didn't even know there was such a thing as female cops.'"

She added this experience will further inspire him, and perhaps her daughter as well, to wear the badge one day.