Reports of a fist fight between two teens in Langford has led police to a unsettling discovery. 

West Shore Mounties were called to a Tim Horton’s parking lot on Jacklin Road in Langford on Monday. 

A witness told police two teenagers were engaged in hand-to-hand combat in the coffee shop parking lot. After tracking down one of the teens, police found brass knuckles in the boy's pocket and a knife in his backpack. 

Officers say neither weapon was used in the apparent dust-up, but police seized them immediately. 

Later more witnesses came forward telling police the exchange of blows was actually just a “play fight” between the two teens. 

“This fight looked real enough for a concerned member for the public to call us,” said West Shore RCMP spokesperson Const. Nancy Saggar. “The brass knuckles were seized as they are considered a prohibited weapon.”

Police say they could have taken a hard line and charged the teen with possession of a prohibited weapon, but chose to only slap the youngster with a bylaw ticket for fighting in public.