Laval police have arrested a man who they say wanted to have sex with a 12-year-old girl.

Officers recently raided Michel Fradette's home and found thousands of photos and videos of child pornography on his cell phone.

Fradette, 39, was on parole when he was arrested and one of his conditions for being allowed out of prison is that he not own a smart phone.

Fradette has a prior conviction for kidnapping, confining, and sexually assaulting a nine-year-old girl, and he has other victims.

Police are now trying to find out if he has sexually assaulted, or attempting to contact, other minors since he was granted parole.


Canada-wide warrant for Oktay Guzel

Laval police are also searching for a former resident named Oktay Guzel.

The 53-year-old man is wanted for attempting to solicit minors for sex.

Police first arrested Guzel in 2016, but he has since disappeared since being granted bail. Guzel could be hiding in Western Canada.


Dozens of arrests since 2016

Laval police have arrested 28 people accused of pedophilia since 2016, and seven have been found guilty on various charges.

Police have also searched dozens of Laval massage parlours over the past year to ensure no employees are underage.