The race is on the become the new leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, but few people have taken a position at the starting line.

Around 600 of the party's members gathered in Drummondville on Saturday for a general council meeting. Looming large on the agenda was how the party will go about rebuilding after the 2018 election saw them go from a majority government to an opposition party holding just 29 of the National Assembly's 125 seats. 

Following his defeate former Premier Philippe Couillard announced his resignation from politics, leaving the Liberal leadership position vacant. 

On Saturday, interim leader Pierre Arcand said there were other things to discuss on top of the next leader.

"We're going to talk a lot about environment, we're going to disucss some of the electoral changes the government will seek to propose in the future," he said. 

Presidential officer Rafael Ferraro presented the rules of the leadership race, with the dates and spending limits set to be formally adopted as the meeting continues on Sunday. But so far, the race has yet to attract many openly interested candidates. MNA Andre Fortin was rumoured to be interested but has opted out, as has Pierre Moreau.

"I want to be clear, I will not run for the leadership of the Quebec Liberal Party," he said. 

Former health minister Gaetan Barrette said he wasn't ready to run but didn't rule out the possibility of reconsidering.

"I will not run for running. If I run, it's to win," he said. "As of today, I am not entering the race... it's about having a minimum of support."

Thus far only two MNAs have said they will likely run. Former economic development minister Dominique Anglade said she's ready for the race to begin.

"The more the merrier because we're going to be in a position to debate, to talk about different elements and the future of the party," she said. "I think the more candidates the better."

Marwah Rizqy, who was first elected to represent the St-Laurent riding in the 2018 election said they are also interested in the job.

"Of course a lot of people are asking me to run," she said. "They're asking me to present a lot of ideas and I'm working more on ideas than just to run."