Man faces 2nd-degree murder charges in death of 54-year-old woman

A man is facing 2nd-degree murder charges in death of his 54-year-old mother. 

Officers say they were called to an apartment building on Jolliet Ave. early Saturday evening. 

Police discovered Abigail Ootoova deceased.

Her son 29-year-old Jed Ootoova has been charged with 2nd degree murder

A resident who lives in the same building as Ootoova says she heard "a big noise and came outside and saw all the police."

Another neighbour says Ootoova was a kind woman who always helped out. He says, "She'd come by and cook us dinner and bring food by, she was good for the people."

Police have not yet detailed how the woman died.

The Major Crimes Unit continues to investigate. 

This is the second homicide on Jolliet Avenue this year. In February, Gaetan Jolin was found severely injured at a residence. He later died in hospital.