The entire board of a prominent track and field club plans to resign following a series of sexual harassment allegations that led to two high-profile figures receiving lifetime bans from Athletic Canada.

The allegations centre around Andy McInnis and Ken Porter. They have not been tested in court, and neither man is facing criminal charges related to the accusations.

McInnis is a former Olympic coach and director of Canada’s national athletics program. Porter was the president of the Ottawa Lions club.

Athletics Canada released a 228-page report Monday titled ‘In Plain View: The Tolerance of Sexual Misconduct at the Ottawa Lions Club.’ The report claims that McInnis “has demonstrated a history of sexually harassing female athletes” and that Porter “has sexually abused athletes.”

Nine men accuse Porter of abuse, mainly dating back to the 1970s, while the accusations against McInnis are more recent. According to the report, both men deny all allegations of sexual misconduct.

Following the release of the report, Athletics Canada announced that both men had received lifetime bans from holding any role with its organization.

“Everybody’s pretty upset and pretty disappointed by what we’ve learned,” Athletics Canada president Bill MacMackin told CTV Ottawa.

The Ottawa Lions said Wednesday that they had terminated McInnis’ employment. The club’s board also issued apologies to club members and the people who filed the complaints against McInnis and Porter, and all board members now plan to resign from the organization, as was recommended in the Athletics Canada report.

“The board has taken the decision to resign en masse prior to the [next] meeting,” reads part of a notice sent to athletes, coaches and staff members affiliated with the Lions.