Massive puddles and icy sidewalks cause tough commute

Another batch of wild weather from Mother Nature caused a very slushy, wet commute on Tuesday.

All school buses have been cancelled around the region due to the conditions.

This is at York and Cumberland. Help? #ottawa #ottnews @ctvottawa

— Christina Succi (@CTVChristina) February 5, 2019

Puddles around the city are like mini ponds. Pedestrians, be careful for drivers accidently spraying you as many snowbanks are covering snow drains, causing pooling of water everywhere. Drivers may get unexpected sprays of cars travelling in the opposite direction. Side roads are slick and icy.

Bronson Avenue was closed between Fourth Avenue and Colonel By Drive due to a single vehicle crash. It hit a fire hydrant and water is all over the area. RCMP also closed Queen Elizabeth Drive between Preston Street an Bronson due to the overflow of water. Police warning of cars hydroplanning. 

Police are also advising motorists to drive slowly and be aware of the conditions. 

The kind of morning it has been. Major flooding and someone hits a fire hydrant Bronson closed between 4th and Colonel By #storm

— Graham Richardson (@grahamctv) February 5, 2019   The City says it has been all hands on deck. Crews dealing with two different scenarios- snow removal as well as cleaning catch basins and water.  Officials say it will be a challenge tonight as overnight temperatures plummet. Crews are ready for salting. Bryden Denyes says, "as the temperatures drop we will still continue to work on sidewalks.. whether residential or priority sidewalks. We will be out there applying material. we are trying to scrap away as much today as we have warmer temperatures." Denyes says this freeze-thaw cycle is typical for February and staff are equipped and ready.  The temperature will drop to -15 with a wind chill near -20. Another freeze thaw period is expected later this week.