Victoria police are investigating another case of road rage after a driver threw a drink into another vehicle.

It happened Wednesday in the 1500-block of Hillside Avenue at around 3 p.m., according to police.

A driver was trying to pull out of a parking lot onto Shakespeare Street when another driver went around them and threw their McDonald's drink into the open window.

The victim did not suffer any injuries and police say they're trying to track down the driver who threw the beverage. The car is described as an older-model Chevy Malibu that is grey in colour.

We got another call of a road rage incident yesterday where a driver threw a drink into another vehicle. @vicpdtraffic is investigating. Please take some extra time on our roads. We all know it is busy, but be patient so you get to your destination safely. #yyjtraffic pic.twitter.com/7znlwF2Kew

— Victoria Police (@vicpdcanada) June 6, 2019

In a tweet, police urged drivers to "take some extra time" on the roads.

It follows a similar road rage incident that took place on Monday near Broughton and Blanshard streets.

Police said a man tossed a lit cigarette through the open window of another vehicle, causing minor burn injuries to the driver. A child in the car was unharmed.

Victoria police spokesman Const. Matt Rutherford said anecdotally, cases of road rage seem to rise in the summer months.

Anyone confronted by a road rage driver is advised to report it to Victoria police.