A Montreal obstetrician-gynecologist has been suspended for two years and fined for speaking to a patient in a manner deemed sexually inappropriate.

Dr. Allan Climan had been issued warnings from his professional order for the same reason twice in the past.

Climan has been practicing in Montreal since 1983, and pleaded guilty last October to two counts of making inappropriate comments, and another for accepting just over $18,000 over a four-year period from another doctor.

The alleged events occurred in April 2015 during a visit by a patient who was 10 weeks pregnant. The patient told him she wanted to give birth vaginally after experiencing complications from a Caesarean section during her last pregnancy. Climan told her that her sex life would never be the same and, turning to her husband, told him “it will not feel as good for you anymore.”

He then told his patient that she had a “great little body. I can't wait to examine you and l'm sure you have a beautiful vagina.”

During her testimony before the Disciplinary Board of the College of Physicians, the complainant said she had not hidden her discomfort and disapproval with the vulgarity of the doctor’s comments.