A new multipurpose stage is being proposed for White Oaks Park.

Ward 12 Councillor Elizabeth Peloza was on hand during the south London Canada Day festivities to engage with residents and hear their thoughts on the vision for the permanent stage.

"I've helped plan Canada Day in this park for so many years, and a permanent stage would us to stop renting a stage and so many others in the community to use it for their own purposes," says Peloza.

The stage is being designed by Zedd Architects and designed by York Developments in conjunction for the City of London.

It is all privately funded, and won't cost the taxpayers anything if it is approved. After controversy surrounding the Canada 150 stage at Harris Park, the goal is to make sure the get the design and functionality correct.

"That's why were are doing so much community engagement," adds Peloza.

"We are asking residents, 'What would you like to do to this park? What would you like to see the stage being used for?'

She says that if they go through with this in the fall, and the neighbours approve, all the ideas will be taken into consideration to build it right.

"It really is a park for the people."