A pitch to cut the cost of a bridge replacement on Ridout Street and redirect the savings to the housing crisis fell flat at Monday night's city council meeting.

Councillor Michael Van Holst opposed the $14-million arched bridge design - calling for a less expensive cement span.

He argued the savings, which could be in the range of a million dollars, could be redirected towards London's housing crisis.

But city engineers say the arched design has the environmental benefit of not requiring a support pier in the centre of the river.

And they warned that a redesign could delay the project for several years.

Ultimately council voted against Van Holst's proposal and will move forward with the more expensive design.

BRIDGE OK’D: @mikevanholst pitch to scrap arched design for replacement of Victoria Bridge on Ridout (in favour of cheaper cement span) FAILS 4-9. He wanted to direct savings to housing. Staff warned Council redesign could delay project years and leave a pier in Thames . #LdnOnt pic.twitter.com/0MJzlNBgDL

— Daryl Newcombe (@DNewcombeCTV) July 30, 2019