A London Police Service officer was injured while arresting a man accused of threatening people with a broken beer bottle.

At aorund 9:40 p.m. on Wednesday, police responded after a citizen called 911 saying he had chased a stranger out of his home on Waterloo Street after the man entered through an unlocked door.

The man reportedly left the residence as the citizen followed and proceeded to pick up a beer bottle, break it, and swing it at the citizen in a threatening manner.

Officers attended a Waverly Place residence to look for the suspect and reportedly found a man armed with a broken beer bottle.

Police say the man ran when the officers arrived on scene and during the course of the foot pursuit, an officer received a cut on his hand.

The suspect was brought under control with the use of a conducted-energy weapon.

The injured officer was treated in hospital for his injuries.

As a result of the investigation, a 27-year-old London man has been charged with break and enter, assaulting an officer with a weapon, two counts of assault with a weapon, mischief, resisting arrest, possession of a weapon and possession of a stolen credit card.