Ottawa Police foil theft of high-end Lexus in New Edinburgh

<p> Ottawa Police say they foiled the attempted theft of a high-end vehicle from a driveway in New Edinburgh early Friday morning that resulted in the arrests of four men.</p> <p> As part of a frontline patrol project aimed at a series of high-end vehicle thefts this summer, officers identified a vehicle that could be a target—a Lexus in a driveway.</p> <p> They then located a suspicious vehicle in the area. Around 3 a.m. police say two suspects attempted to steal the Lexus and were arrested.</p> <p> Two other suspects fled in the vehicle but were arrested a short time later.</p> <p> Charges are pending.</p> <p> Police have been investigating a series of high-end vehicle thefts in different parts of the city this summer.</p>