Ottawa Police officer suffers minor injuries in rear-end crash

Ottawa Police say a traffic officer suffered minor injuries when their cruiser was rear-ended Wednesday during a traffic stop.

The officer had pulled over a vehicle on West Hunt Club Rd. at Cleopatra Dr. at around 10:00 a.m. and had returned to the cruiser to write a document. The emergency lights were on.

While the officer was writing, the driver of a five-ton delivery truck changed lanes and hit the cruiser from behind.

The truck driver is facing a charge of careless driving under the Highway Traffic Act.

The officer was taken to hospital but has since been released.

Police say this is perfect example of the need to slow down and move over when you see an emergency vehicle or tow truck on the side of the road.

Yesterday afternoon, @OPSTraffic officer on a traffic stop was hit from behind by a 5-ton truck. Officer was taken to hospital and released with minor injuries.

Driver was #charged with careless driving.#SlowDownMoveOver#ottnews

— Phil Kane (@carbinekane) March 7, 2019