A Windsor pet patrol group is calling for more action after receiving over 40 calls last week about pets in hot vehicles.

Pet Patrol founder Rose Owens says anything over anything over 75 For 24 C can be dangerous.

Pet Patrol has a Facebook page where people report incidents of animals in hot cars.

Owens says she typically gets between 12 to 40 calls per week, but last week’s heatwave brought an influx of calls.

She tells CTV News the drivers are usually given a warning, but she wants Windsor police to start issuing fines.

“It’s happening in Chatham. Chatham is fining people. London is, Toronto is. We just need to get on board and start fining,” says Owens of people leaving animals in hot vehicles. “It is a form of animal cruelty and I believe people should start being fined.”

In one case on Thursday, she says a dog was left in a car at Tecumseh Mall for 40 minutes at 95 F. Police officers were called and they handled the situation.

Owens usually hands out information pamphlets to the drivers and informs them of the dangers.

The group also has pet patrollers in Leamington and Kingsville.

Anyone who notices a dog in distress in a hot vehicle can call Owens at 519-791-5122. She asks for a picture of the licence plate, the dog and the location.