You can now toss dog poop, kitty litter and plastic bags into the green bin.

Starting today, the City is expanding the items accepted as part of the organic waste recycling program.

Plastic bags will be allowed as a bagging option for food scraps, paper towel and tissue and coffee grinds. This is in addition to the current options of placing organic waste in paper bags inside the green bin.

A City of Ottawa survey in 2018 found 60% of people who seldom use or do not use the green bin said they would participate if plastic bags were allowed.

 In a statement, the city says the use of plastic or compostable bags will address the “inconvenience and yuck factors” for residents who are hesitant to take part in the organic waste recycling program.

Meantime, the City’s Green Bin Brigade will hit the streets this summer to answer residents’ questions about the green bin.

If you don’t have a bin, the team will provide you with more information on how you can have one delivered to your door.