Pipeline explodes near Prince George, B.C.: RCMP

The RCMP has confirmed that there has been a pipeline explosion in the vicinity of Prince George, B.C.

On social media, witnesses described hearing explosions northeast of the city in the community of Shelley. Images from the scene show a fiery blaze and a billowing pillar of smoke.

According to B.C.'s Ministry of Environment, the incident occured at a gas line that is operated by Enbridge.

No injuries have been reported.

FIRE near Salmon Valley Prince George pic.twitter.com/bUnxWcyWlK

— Rockybeach (@rockybeach67) October 10, 2018

Large fire northeast of Prince George - images from UNBC at https://t.co/41fiSHFFYK pic.twitter.com/lrY45guIEO

— Peter Jackson (@PeterLJackson) October 10, 2018