Dozens of slip owners at the flooded Lakeview Marina showed up for an open house detailing plans for a newly renovated boat docking system.

Council approved $3 million for emergency repairs last month after record high water levels forced the City of Windsor to close the marina and its 200 slips for the summer.

The proposed floating dock system will feature different tiers, based on boat size and about 20 additional slips.

Many existing owners at the open house Monday evening seemed happy with the plan, but would like assurances that long-time patrons who have been there for decades get first crack at choosing their slips.

"Sometimes a decade to get the slip you want, you wait that long, then all of the sudden, everything's going to change. It’s a long time to wait and then have something like this happen," says Gerry Dundas who has owned a slip at Lakeview since 1980. "I know it's nobody's fault, but some consideration needs to be made for placating the haters to get the wells they desire."

Public open house to showcase plans for Lakeview Park Marina. It’s currently closed due to flooding but the city is fast tracking $3M in upgrades to create a “floating dock” featuring about 20 extra slips @CTVWindsor pic.twitter.com/7JwpmHujdH

— Rich Garton (@RichGartonCTV) July 8, 2019

The decision to close the 200 boat slips at Lakeview Park Marina for the remainder of the season is estimated to cost the city $300,000 in revenue.

The city hopes to have the new improved marina open by the 2020 boating season.

The fuel docks, launch ramps, sanitation pump and tours to Peche Island remain open this season and continue for as long as the water levels and safety permit. The marina will also accommodate the police boat.