LaSalle police say a potential threat was resolved at Sandwich Secondary School.

Senior Constable Terry Seguin says officers first received information of the potential threat on social media around 8 p.m. on Monday.

Seguin say officers acted immediately and in so doing, dealt with an individual and concluded the matter ensuring the safety of the students and faculty at the school and surrounding residents.

Police are not able to release the identity or any information whatsoever about the person involved due to their age.

Sources say a student posted two photos to Snapchat and one of them showed several weapons including a gun. A second post obtained by CTV News read “just a friendly reminder of the school riots that are supposed to happen tomorrow (Tuesday).”

Hundreds of students did not attend Sandwich Secondary on Tuesday.

“We had a lot of kids not show up today,” admits student Kurtis Pandolfo, who admitted to knowing the unidentified student who posted the disturbing social media posts.

Pandolfo tells CTV Windsor he believes the posts were taken out of context.

Sandwich Secondary principal Kristi Sweet tells CTV News their staff did their best to make sure the day was treated like a normal one.

“Some students asked us some questions but we just reassured them they are safe and secure here at school and supports would be available,” says Sweet.

A number of officers were also stationed at the school on Tuesday.

Attendance was much lower today at @SandwichSabres following what @LaSallePoliceON called a “potential threat”. @CTVWindsor @gecdsbpro pic.twitter.com/afd7o9KN1A

— Bob BellaciccoCTV (@BBellaciccoCTV) April 30, 2019

Police say they issued a news release on Tuesday about the potential threat to notify students, parents, and school employees that the situation was resolved and there is no longer a concern in attending the school.

Police also say no charges have been laid, and officials at the school would not comment on the status of the student.

The Greater Essex County District School Board and LaSalle police say they will continue to work in partnership ensuring a safe environment for students to learn.