The City of Ottawa says good progress was made on flood recovery this weekend.

Hundreds of volunteers showed up in areas such as in Constance Bay.

Anthony Graves-Buckingham helped all weekend. He says, “I have the time and the financial ability to give back and it feels good! Especially when it’s your home town. I grew up in Ottawa.”

Thousands of sandbags protected Ryan Littler’s home on Allbirch Road, near Bayview Drive. “It’s amazing; it’s a humbling experience having all these people show up.”

This weekend there were nearly one-million wet and dirty sandbags that needed to be moved from private property to the curb.

Across the city hundreds of volunteers and city staff showed up to help. The City redirected some parks and rec workers to speed up removal in flood zones.

Angela Bernhardt with the West Carleton Disaster Relief says the City is “showing that they care, and they have listened and they understand we are tired. They understand that people have so much on their plates and they are just doing their bit to help out.”

The City continues to be in a state of emergency. People are advised to stay away from flooded areas to not impede flood response operations.