Property taxes and water bills to increase under draft budget

From public transit to property taxes, Ottawa residents will be paying more if the city budget is approved.

The draft budget unveiled at City Hall on Wednesday includes a 3 per cent tax hike.

The tax hike, the police tax increase, the transit tax increase and $2 more in garbage collection means the average urban homeowner would pay $113 more a year. Rural homeowners will be paying about $93 more a year.

Residents will also pay about 3.3% more for water.

Transit fares are set to rise 2.5% on July 1st.

Also included in the budget:

  • $15 million for new affordable housing
  • $70.8 million for winter operations
  • $9.8 million for roads, sidewalks and bike lanes

Seniors would also ride OC Transpo for free on Sundays in addition to Wednesdays.