Opposition party Quebec Solidaire (QS) is calling on the province to take control of the lithium industry.

Without mentioning outright nationalization of the industry, QS wants Quebec to occupy a majority stake in extraction projects of this valuable ore, essential for manufacturing the batteries used in electric vehicles.

Recently, CAQ Premier François Legault boasted that Quebec has the third largest lithium deposit in the world, while a study by KPMG revealed this week that the rapid growth of electric vehicles represents a unique opportunity for Quebec.

In an interview with the Canadian Press Sunday, QS co-spokesperson Manon Masse called on the Quebec government to invest to take majority control of current mines and future projects to maximize spin-offs in Quebec.

The party planned $2 billion in its ecological transition plan for this purpose.

Masse claims that 25 tonnes of lithium are sent abroad each year without benefiting Quebeckers.

In addition, the co-spokesperson for QS called on the government to support lithium plant projects in Quebec.