The New Democrat MP for the riding of Essex is running for re-election.

Tracey Ramsey made the announcement on Saturday as she hosted a barbeque at her new campaign office on Arthur Avenue in Essex.

Ramsey was first elected to Ottawa in 2015, and she says she plans to continue to fight for the people of Essex.

"In 2015, Trudeau's Liberals promised to do politics differently and broke that promise," said Ramsey. "The Liberals turned their backs on Canadians when they failed to implement a public and universal pharmacare, failed to protect pensions in the case of corporate bankruptcy and failed to protect jobs for Canadians. Instead of working for the people of Essex, the Liberals are working to help their rich friends profit more. An NDP government will put people at the heart of every decision."

Ramsey added the people she has talked to already are concerned about health care and their jobs.

Also running in the riding of Essex are Chris Lewis for the Conservatives and Bill Capes for the People's Party of Canada.

The Liberals have yet to announce a candidate.

The Federal Election is October 21, 2019.