Good news for frequent users of Huron Church Road.

The $5.5-million reconstruction project on Huron Church Road between Malden Road and Dorchester Road will reach its completion this weekend.

City officials say by Saturday, July 6, traffic will be flowing in both directions, with two lanes reopened both northbound and southbound.

Repeated rain events through the spring delayed the final touches on cross street intersections within the project area.

Side street access on the west side of Huron Church will remain closed until approximately July 12 for work on traffic signals.

Interim pedestrian crossings that were put in place during construction will remain until completion, at which point regular signalized operations will resume.

Access to businesses along Huron Church will be maintained through the final stages of the project. Roads and commercial driveways on the east side will be open to right turns in and right turns out.

The three-month construction project included infrastructure upgrades to water mains, street lighting and traffic signals.

City officials say even though the work is taking a little longer than expected, the project was on budget.