Montreal's opposition party is calling for an independent, civilian investigation of STM inspectors.

The demand comes nearly two months after a pair of STM inspectors were recorded pummelling Juliano Gray at the Villa Maria metro station.

Gray had not paid his fare and was trying to avoid getting a ticket.

But Montreal's opposition party and groups like CRAAR (the Centre for Research-Action on Race Relations), as well as Montreal in Action, and the Cotes des Neiges Black Community Association have joined the call for an independent inquiry after the STM's investigation cleared the agents.

Lionel Perez said that if the STM thinks the officers acted appropriately, the STM needs to change.

He will present a motion calling for change at the next city council meeting, saying statements by STM chair Philippe Schnobb were inadequate.

"What we saw was an answer by Mr. Schnobb when he was pressed that the protocol was followed. We don't know what this protocol is. We don't know who conducted this investigation. Is it someone within the STM organization that has to answer to Mr. Schnobb? Where there's a lack of independence?" asked Perez.

The opposition leader added that witnesses were never contacted.

"This investigation took a whole three days. How can someone reasonably believe that this was a proper and thorough investigation?" said Perez.

There have been multiple calls for a third party to investigate what happened to Juliano Gray, to no avail.

Mayor Valerie Plante said Tuesday that she believes the STM acted appropriately in investigating the incident.