Outremont borough council got an earful Monday night about a plan to charge for all street parking in the borough.

Last week, Borough Mayor Philipe Tomlinson announced plans to charge residents who park on the street $120 to $275 each year.

The borough claims people who live outside of Outremont are taking parking spaces and making it difficult for residents.

People who live in Outremont, though, scoffed at that idea.

“I live across the street from another restaurant, diagonal to the Theatre d'Outremont. In theory, I'm in one of the busiest places of Outremont and I've never had any problem parking on my own street, so don't tell me that $140 for a permit is to protect me and my parking spaces,” said resident Dominique Biggs.

The borough will hold another meeting on June 19.

The mayor hopes the bylaw will be approved in July and take effect later this year.

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