Residents concerned about development at dangerous intersection

It's an intersection that has had more collisions than any other in the city for four years in a row and residents in the Hunt Club Road and Riverside Drive area say they're concerned a new development approved by council Wednesday will only add to the gridlock.

The city gave the green light for a mixed-use development that will include retail, a hotel, apartments and a car dealership. 

Brian Wade with the Hunt Club Community Association says he's not against development but that where this one is located and the process is concerning. 

The mayor said Wednesday that getting the Trillium Line to the area will get more people off the road and on transit. 

The councillor for the area says that while LRT will help, it isn't the "magic" solution that will alleviate congestion. 

Taggart says it doesn't think the development will have a major impact on the intersection. 

In the coming months and year the city will start a signal pilot project and conduct a safety assessment in the area.