An accessible playground unveiled at a Victoria elementary school is being heralded as an inclusive new space for children of all abilities.

Students at Quadra Elementary cut the ribbon on the latest addition to the schoolyard Tuesday. The new equipment is designed to offer all children a space to play.

"We are a school that celebrates our diversity in all our students in all out students," said principal Marilyn Campbell. "This will be a keystone to our playground area for many years to come."

The universally-accessible playground was made possible through a partnership between the government and Tire Stewardship BC. The new structure has two entryways to allow children, including those with disabilities, access to the inside of the globe.

"I really like it because it gets all the kids together and be able to play," said Grade 5 student Hannah Oliver. "It makes the playground more diverse and it gives everyone a place to play at recess."

The play structure called "Global Motion" will provide children with the opportunity to cooperate in imaginative play while developing agility and balance.

The space under the globe has a soft and bouncy feel with a rubber-like surface provided by Tire Stewardship BC.

"The district is working very hard to create inclusive spaces where all students have the opportunity to grow work and play," said Angie Hentze, Greater Victoria School District Trustee. "This playground is a great example of those flexible and accessible resources where everyone has an opportunity to engage."

From classrooms to the library, Quadra Elementary has focused to make the interior of the school inclusive. The new playground equipment allows the school to now extend its focus to the outdoors.

"It is just tremendous," said Campbell.