The sentencing hearing for Juma Kuol, who was found guilty of manslaughter in the July 2015 stabbing death of 50-year-old Suzan Jacob, got underway Tuesday with victim impact statements.

The 53-year-old had pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in the case, but was convicted of the lesser charge in May after a four-week trial.

Jacob, who had been friends with Kuol for nearly 20 years, died in her Whitney Street apartment of a stab wound to the arm. She had been stabbed several times after a night of drinking with Kuol.

Speaking in court Tuesday, her daughter Lily Wankomo shared how much she misses her mohther, "The sadness is what takes over most of the time."

Addressing Kuol, she said, "My feelings of anger will never subside. There is no closure. What you did is unforgettable."

Another daughter, Stella Wankomo, added, "My life will never be the same because you took away my happiness. Because of you my heart still aches."

Kuol has repeatedly expressed remorse for his actions, and did so again to Jacob's family on Tuesday.

"I put all of you through devastation...I did a mistake...and for that I'm very sorry...I took her life, I took her away from her family and for that I'm very, very sorry."

During the trial, Kuol's lawyer argued that he was too intoxicated to be held responsible for his actions, and had a history of blacking out due to alcohol, while the Crown said Kuol knew what he was doing that night.

The Crown is asking for a 12 to 15 year sentence before parole eligibility while the defence is asking for seven to eight years. Kuol has been in custody since his arrest four years ago.

Final sentencing  is expected on July 19.