A sentencing hearing is taking place this week for two Montreal men who attacked and killed another man on October 10, 2016.

Yasar Aykin and Mikael Etienne were both 19 years old when they assaulted Charles Robitaille after he left a bar near Berri St. and Ontario St.

Robitaille, 26, was able to get to a nearby hospital and seek help, but his wounds were too severe and he died of his injuries.

Police arrested Aykin and Etienne the next day and they were both initially charged with first-degree murder.

Surveillance video showed Aykin giving Etienne a knife moments before Etienne stabbed Robitaille.

This year a jury found Aykin guilty of manslaughter, while convicting Etienne of second-degree murder.

In court on Tuesday for sentencing, Robitaille's family said his death had left a large hole in their lives that they were still struggling to repair.

Aykin's family testified that the young man felt remorse for his actions.

The hearing continues Wednesday.