Ontario’s police watchdog is calling off its investigation into a rollover on the Vanier Pkwy. in June.

The crash happened around 2:20 p.m. June 12. A pick-up truck was heavily damaged when it rolled on the Parkway. Two men were sent to hospital.

When it invoked its mandate, the Special Investigations Unit said Ottawa Police officers were investigating a vehicle near Cyrville Rd. and St. Laurent Blvd before the crash occurred.

In revoking its mandate, the SIU says the 24-year-old driver was examined in hospital and was not seriously injured.

“As it is apparent based on the SIU preliminary inquiries that the SIU’s jurisdiction is not engaged, the investigation is hereby discontinues and the file closed,” Interim Director Joseph Martino said in a press release.

The SIU investigates police involvement in incidents that lead to serious injury or death, and allegations of sexual assault.