City of Windsor officials say they’ve had about 50 reports of flooded basements so far after the heavy rain overnight.

Environment Canada says Windsor received 47 millimetres of rain between 9 p.m. Tuesday and 5 a.m. Wednesday.

City officials say there doesn't seem to be one specific area hit harder than another.

Water was pooling on some city streets, but has been slowly receding.

City Engineer Mark Winterton is reminding residents to clear debris and leaves away from catch basins.

Winterton adds the City's Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy is still available.

"Council did make a decision a week ago to discontinue the quote un quote ‘fast track’ system" says Winterton. “Residents now only have the more traditional system where you would come and get a pre-inspection to see whether you were eligible and we would then subsidize up to $2,800."

Anyone with questions about the subsidy or to report flooding can call Windsor’s 311 information line.

Happening now.. after @CityWindsorON gets at least 2” of rain, if not more, a bit of a puddle where Sandwich becomes Ojibway @CTVWindsor pic.twitter.com/uDWAiBpmIK

— Michelle Maluske (@MMaluskeCTV) May 1, 2019