There are still numerous questions hidden amongst the piles of jagged debris and scorched rubble at the former Plaza Hotel site in downtown Victoria.

As the property’s owner tells CTV News investigators have released the site back to him, indicating police are done scouring the location for clues, the whereabouts of the buildings caretaker remain a mystery.

The cause of the powerful May 6 blaze, which leveled the four-storey building and has since been deemed suspicious, is also unknown.

"VicPD Major Crime Detectives are continuing their investigation into the suspicious fire," said Const. Matt Rutherford. "The investigation is ongoing, and we continue to work with the Victoria Fire Department. Mike Draeger, the building caretaker, remains unaccounted for."

In the hours, and days following the devastating inferno, there was fear in the community that Draeger may have been inside the building.

He lived in the mostly abandoned former hotel and was known to work in the basement.

The BC Coroner's Service confirms that it has not been called to the site during the entirety of the police investigation.

All this points to the fact that Draeger was not inside when sparks grew to a calamitous fire, but exact details remain shrouded in a closely protected police investigation.

A week after fire demolished the historic site police released photos of the man with a shaggy greying beard.

The photos, obtained long before the fire, were circulated with the hope that a friend or someone might recognize Draeger and inform authorities where he is.

So far, police have not indicated if any tips have helped their investigative work.

The building’s owner, Nick Askew, said police released the site back to him on May 24.

As he embarks on the process to deal with final remediation and prepares new plans to develop the site, he remains concerned by the mysterious nature of the fire.

He told CTV News Monday he was "puzzled" by how the fire erupted from the basement area. He also expressed his continued concern for his unaccounted-for caretaker. 

Police are clear that the investigation into the fire is still ongoing, but Draeger's whereabouts, like the fire’s cause, remains unknown.