The city of Montreal wants major changes to the provincial government's plan to eliminate government oversight of the industry.

In a brief tabled Monday with the parliamentary commission on Bill 17, the city of Montreal says that cities should retain the right to regulate transportation services such as taxis.

According to the city, Bill 17 would ban municipalities from creating their own rules and would instead impose one set of regulations for the entire province.

Montreal's brief points out that 60 percent of taxi owners, as well as almost all Uber drivers and similar services, operate within the agglomeration.

Montreal also wants to have access to funds collected by the SAAQ and the Ministry of Transportation, pointing out that it has new powers granted to it in its status as a Metropolis.

Meanwhile Uber drivers are planning a protest on Wednesday.

The Association of Professional Uber Drivers (APCU) says it represents several hundred Uber drivers in and around Montreal.

It's calling for changes in how Uber pays drivers and sets rates, saying that in many cases drivers are earning less than minimum wage.