A Fraser Valley teen is dealing with the effects of a concussion after an alleged bullying incident, making this the second incident that's been caught on camera this week.

It happened Thursday, near Mission Secondary School, while a group of students was walking back to campus from a nearby strip mall.

The 30-second video clip begins with one boy knocking another’s pizza out of his hand before punching him several times, knocking him to the ground and finally kicking the defenseless teen while he is down.

Other students can be heard laughing as the incident unfolds.

"It's a cowardly act. You're going to fight a kid that doesn't want to fight,” said Rusty Townsend, the injured boy’s father. “He knows the situation. He's surrounded. Why would you want to fight?"

Townsend’s son has a large bump on his forehead, a laceration behind his ear, and was diagnosed at the emergency room with a concussion.

According to the boy’s mother, other students told the principal about the incident around 12:45 p.m., but she wasn’t called until after 4:00 p.m.

"There were two more classes left of school, and my son sat through both of those classes with a concussion and a head injury, and to me it is absolutely unacceptable,” said Nicole Townsend.

A statement from the district says school administrators investigated and “appropriate action is being taken against some students, but we will not be sharing that information with the public.”

It goes on to say RCMP are aware and have been in contact with school district officials.

Nicole Townsend says nobody from the district office has reached out to her, despite messages left for the superintendent.

"I am not satisfied with that, at all. I felt that for the superintendent of the school board, I should have been the first phone call,” she said. "And not only was I not the first phone call, I haven't had any phone calls from them."

Townsend says doctors have recommended her son stay home for at least a week because of the concussion.

The family would like to know what punishment the other boy, and those who encouraged him, received from the school, and they would also like to see the RCMP recommend assault charges.