Teen swarmings in Riverside South under investigation

Ottawa Police are investigating several personal robberies involving teens in the Riverside South community.

Police say the incidents happened between March 24 and April 7. The group of teens demanded cash and electronics from the victims.

No injuries have been reported, and no arrests have been made yet.

"I heard that it happened to a kid at our school." said student Nick Boutziouvis. "I think I'm safe, I'm fine. Walking home all the time, I'm fine."

Gloucester-South Nepean councillor Carol Anne Meehan has issued a memo on her website, saying police are investigating three swarmings in the area of Spratt Road and Canyon Walk.

"Theyre investigating this. I'm confident they'll find out who did this and that will be the end of it. One incident is too many; we've got three." said Meehan. "The concern of residents is we live in a safe community and we want it to stay that way."

Swarming incidents taking place in Riverside South involving robberies of young people by a group of suspects demanding cash and electronics ⁦@ctvottawapic.twitter.com/5Xo4pnJ1Ie

— Mike Arsalides (@MArsalidesCTV) April 10, 2019

Police presence has been increased in the area. "The concern of residents is we live in a safe community and we want it to stay that way." said Meehan, who added the students involved are thought to attend an area high school.

"Kids are walking alone. Normally, it's late at night, they're kind of unaware of their surroundings then all of a sudden, they get approached by 2 or 3 individuals." said Staff Sgt. Stephanie Burns of Ottawa Police Service. "If anything happens, the parents should be encouraging the children to come forward and speak to police with any information they have."

One of the three incidents being investigated by Ottawa Police involved a knife, Staff Sgt. Burns said.