Teenage boy revived by coach, bystanders using defibrillator at Orl\u00E9ans school

Ottawa Paramedics say a 16-year-old boy who suffered seizures and went into cardiac arrest playing basketball at an Orléans school last week was revived by his coach and bystanders who used a defibrillator.

Paramedics say the coach and bystanders started CPR and used the school’s defibrillator to deliver a single shock that restarted the boy's heart.

It happened around 6:44 p.m. on February 22.

Paramedics say on the way to CHEO the boy continued to experience seizures but is expected to survive.

“The quick actions of the bystanders, early CPR and the use of the school’s Public Access Defibrillator were instrumental in this teenager’s survival,” paramedics wrote in a news release. “We want to acknowledge the important actions of everyone involved in the resuscitation as part of the Chain-of-Survival.”