The rural community of Constance Bay, Ont. is located along the Ottawa River northwest of nation’s capital.

It is an area that has been hit with rising flood waters prompting a voluntary evacuation order for 150 homes on Bayview Drive.

Residents, volunteers and the military have spent the last two weeks filling sandbags and preparing pumps.

The presence of the Canadian Armed Forces members caught the attention of a local toddler who became quite curious about them.

Justine Miller’s three and a half year old daughter, Rylee, watched the numerous police officers, firefighters, and service members in amazement as they drove home one day. She began asking her mom questions about who they are and what they are doing.

Miller explained to her young daughter about the flooding and that they are there to help.

Rylee was quiet for a moment and then told her mom “I want to thank them.”

The next day the army was working on her street, so she reminded her mother that she wanted to thank them for their help.  Miller helped Rylee make a card and then bring it to the emergency workers.

Justine posted the photos online and the post has had a huge response on social media, being shared over 2,300 times.

CTV News spoke to Miller during a break from filling sandbags Thursday morning.

She says the community has lots of volunteers and two full school buses showed up to help.  

Justine says the community is hopeful as the river gets closer to its peak.