Top ten terrific tips in two minutes today for a tremendous tomorrow

Chiropractic Doctor Sean Murphy put together a list of the top ten terrific tips that you can do in two minutes for a tremendous tomorrow.

  1. Turn your head. The range of motion most people lose as we age is turning.
  2. Track your thumb. More advanced exercise than #1 to include eyes.
  3. Tuck your chin. Stretches upper shoulders and neck.
  4. Tip your head. Looking up and bird watching is a great exercise.
  5. Twist your body. Most people only bend.
  6. Tighten your stomach: Crunch stomach muscles to wake them up.
  7. Tilt your torso. Side to side by running hand down to knee
  8. Take a seat. Bend knees like sitting and stand back up.
  9. Trust your body. Speak as kindly to yourself as you do to your plants.
  10. Time to drink water. Stay hydrated.