Prime Minister Justin Trudeau brought his fundraising campaign to the Forest City on Thursday, rallying the Liberal faithful ahead of the fall election.

The mood was celebratory for the prime minister, who also came to open the festivities of the 25th annual Sunfest.

“This festival showcases the best of London, the best of Canada in its diversity,” he said.

Immediately after speaking at Sunfest, Trudau was whisked away to give a speech at a fundraiser put on by London’s Muslim Community.

This was very much a campaign-style stop as Trudeau touted his government’s record over the past four years, celebrating the economy, jobs, reconciliation and the environment.

“We moved forward on putting a price on pollution, which is way too much for some, including the provincial premiers who got themselves elected from the Rockies to the Bay of Fundy…almost.”

His speech attempted to establish him as moderate, claiming the middle ground, which is imperative during an election.

Trudeau thanked the attendees for their financial and verbal support, and then promised to take a selfie with everyone in attendance.