Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a stop at Sunfest early Thursday evening ahead of a Liberal Party fundraiser in downtown London.

Sunfest is marking 25 years of bringing international music, dancing, food and crafts to the Forest City during the four-day summer festival.

Before heading to Victoria Park, Trudeau took a stroll through Wortley Village with local MPs Peter Fragiskatos and Kate Young, stopping to shake hands with Londoners.

Trudeau was meeting with Liberal supporters at a downtown London hotel on Thursday night to push for financial contributions for his re-election campaign this fall.

Tickets for the event were selling for $1,500.

Ahead of the fundraiser he addressed attendees, saying, "Over the past four years our government has been very much focused on trying to bring people together."

He emphasized that the Liberals have chosen to invest to try to solve problems, instead of cutting the budget.

He also focused on the government's work toward reconciliation with First Nations and in fighting climate change.

But Conservative MP for Elgin-Middlesex-London Karen Vecchio released a statement Thursday saying the visit was entirely to further his own self-interests.

“Justin Trudeau’s policies have made life more expensive for families, seniors, and small business owners. He promised he would lower taxes, but he’s levelled an unaffordable, punishing carbon tax."