The TVA Group is making what it calls "deep budget cuts" as it eliminates 68 positions throughout its network.

TVA Group is owned by Quebecor Media and has more than 1,500 employees. It is best known for the TVA and LCN television stations, as well as specialty channels such as TVA Sports and CASA, MELS movie production studio, and several magazines.

In a statement, the company blamed "numerous unfair practices" for the cuts, including the amount its specialty channels receive from cable providers.

Last month TVA Sports yanked its signal from Bell TV at the start of the hockey playoffs in an attempt to be paid more money. The CRTC ordered TVA to restore the signal.

Pierre Karl Peladeau, the owner of Quebecor, said last month that decision could lead to the "death of TVA Sports."

TVA Group also criticized programming decisions by CBC and Radio-Canada, and said the public broadcaster should not be competing with private broadcasters.

It also called on the federal government to create a level playing field, pointing out that Google and Facebook get 80 percent of online advertising revenues in Canada, while neither company pays traditional news producers for content.