It's being dubbed as one of the first of its kind in North America and it will be right here at London's University Hospital.

It's a new cardiac hybrid operating room which will provide the one stop-shopping approach to heart patients.

Dr. Bob Kiaii, the chief of cardiac surgery at London Health Sciences Centre says it's exactly what he's been waiting for.

"This particular operating room enables us to perform less invasive operations, such as robotic assisted procedures. You can actually perform a robotic assisted by-pass of that one vessel and at the same time the patient can have a stent of that same vessel. So again it reduces the amount of work they need and they don't have to get it done in two stages. They get it done in one stage and they can actually go home instead of 5 or 6 days in two days," he said.

The aim is to serve more patients in a more efficient manner.

"We serve a large group of patients from ToberNew cardiac hybrid opermory to Windsor over to Kitchener-Waterloo wide range of patients who have cardiac disease having access to this technology through our cardiac team very skilled surgeons is just incredible," says Cathy Vandersluis, VP of LHSC's cardiac program.

For project manager Michael Sharp, their are challenges constructing an operating room right next to an existing operating room.

"We have to factor in noise and vibrations, infections control requirements all of these add to the challenges to working within the space," he says.

The $4 million project is only made possible because of donations to the London Health Sciences Foundation (LHSF).

"Obviously the government has limited funds. There's a certain amount of capital funds for projects like this, the need far exceeds the demand so fortunately our community has stepped up and provided much needed donor dollars to make this project happen," says John MacFarlane of the LHSF.

Construction is about 50 percent complete.

The new hybrid room is expected to be open by December.