There is urgent need for volunteers to help clear sandbags from flood-affected homes.

In Constance Bay, the West Carleton Disaster Relief says there were less than one-hundred volunteers this weekend.

Vice President Angela Bernhardt says, “There were 125 volunteers across the city (Saturday), which is quite slow.”

Shortly before 12 pm Sunday, only 15 volunteers had registered at the community center in Constance Bay.

Bernhardt says the clean-up effort “doesn’t have the same urgency as it does when we were sand-bagging. People came out valiantly and saved homes, what we are doing now is cleaning up after that. ..Plus June is a very busy time.”

Paul Graveline lives on Bayview Drive and says he has over 4-thousand sandbags around his home. But on Sunday he only had help from his family. “Just the four of us... my son, daughter-in-law, and my grandson,” he says.

He says they need more help cleaning up around his home. He has been living in an RV for more than a month.  “If we don’t get some help it’s going to be a long, drawn out summer. And we won’t get this back together for a while.”

Many residents have been helping their neighbours on Bayview Drive, in addition to the volunteers from the city.

Those who registered with the city were shuttled to the homes by bus.

13-year-old Patrick Larocque came with his mother. “It feels really good, feels really good to help my community.”

Volunteer efforts continue next weekend all over the city.

Residents in Constance Bay say they are desperate for volunteers to help clear sandbags. Only about 15 volunteers registered today ⁦@ctvottawapic.twitter.com/idwxPoxyNL

— LeahLarocque (@LeahCTV) June 2, 2019

A lot of the support this weekend has been neighbours coming out to help neighbours. ⁦@ctvottawapic.twitter.com/gCI9ZVKVRZ

— LeahLarocque (@LeahCTV) June 2, 2019