Vehicle falls into large hole in Ottawa's East End

A vehicle has fallen into a hole beside Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard in Orléans after the road collapsed.

Ottawa Police have closed Jeanne d’Arc between St. Joseph and Boyer Rd.

Police say a vehicle crashed into a fire hydrant Wednesday afternoon after the driver fell asleep at the wheel.

"She went off road and took out the fire hydrant," said Sgt. Mark Gatien of the Ottawa Police.

"Sheared it off which flipped her up, and a driver behind her saw what happened and stopped to help her out."

Gatien said the good samaritan helped the woman who was in distress.

"After all was said and done and he went to left and he tried to move, the vehicle began to sink," said Gatien.

"It sheared off the shut off valve and it opened up the fire hydrant."

City officials say there are six valves that feed the hydrant and special tools were needed to shut off the water. All the while, the truck continued to sinkfurther into the hole.

"It just started flooding and flooding and flooding," said Gatien.

"The vehicle was up to the 2nd cab in water."

"We don't see this kind of excitement here, especially with this many police around one spot at one time," said Mark Hogan, a resident of the Orléans neighbourhood.

"I come home and find a sinkhole right in my backyard."

No one was hurt but police say a woman is facing charges of careless driving.

Police and fire crews were on scene controlling traffic. 

CIty engineers were asked to attend the scene to ensure the integrity of the rest of the road was not compromised by the hole.


What led to this truck being swallowed up by a hole in Orleans? An unbelievable series of events. I’ll explain at 6 with @grahamctv @PatriciaBoalCTV @ctvottawa #ottawa #ottnews

— Christina Succi (@CTVChristina) April 10, 2019