A special delivery was made to the Children’s Hospital in London, where young and old came together to spread the message of courage, a visit that will be remembered for a lifetime

A group of veterans from Parkwood Hospital made their way to the London Health Sciences Centre on Friday with a very special gift in hand - bravery beads.

The beads are given to children as a symbol of courage and to document their health care journey.

Kelly Finlayson of Children’s Hospital says, “It’s really a symbol of their courage and it helps them remember how far they have come on their journey.”

But these beads are unique, because each one is stamped with a veterans finger print, passing on a piece of themselves and their bravery to the children.

“When it comes to the bravery beads, I believe in miracles and I always have and I say a pray for every finger print I put in on it,” says veteran John Doucette, who took part in making the beads.

Twelve-year-old Keanna Shrubsall was the first to receive the veterans' beads, adding them to the dozens she already has acquired during her battle with a rare form of kidney disease.

“I think it’s cool because now you can take their thumbprints with you now wherever you go when you wear the bravery beads, you can take that with you.”

The veterans made hundreds of beads over the past several months, and handed some of them out to kids on the ward.

The rest of the beads will be kept safe and handed out to young patients when they come for a procedure with the hopes of spreading a little extra courage - from one brave soul to another.